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Until now, Pixar’s early stuff from Brave has been comprised of landscape sketches and a few early character mock ups. Yesterday we got ourselves a brand new teaser poster which showed off more of the back of the film’s star, Merida’s, head and lots of her Scottish-as-hell red hair. Well now we’re getting our first look at a few of the characters in what we can assume is a somewhat final form.

Merida, voiced by Boardwalk Empire’s Kelly Macdonald, will be the first Pixar heroine, as well as their first princess, and it looks like her hair will give Ariel from The Little Mermaid a run for her money. Next we see Queen Elinor, played by Emma Thompson who can be seen in, well, everything, contrasting with Merida’s rough and tumble look by being the picture of elegance. The wise woman, played by Julie Walters AKA Molly Weasley, and Craig Ferguson’s Lord MacIntosh are the first two Pixar characters that have screamed Disney. Not in a bad way, they just fit the goofy, silly mold that Disney tends to craft their side characters in.

The characters all look really nice. Merida is adorable, but we already know she kicks ass. Elinor has a typical Disney beauty with a Pixar spin. It’s hard to not love the wise woman for giving you such a serious stink-eye. And Lord MacIntosh looks like a lovable mixture of William Wallace and Mufasa. Take a look:

After the decidedly lackluster reviews Cars 2 is getting, news of Pixar’s next is already welcome. Being almost exactly a year from release, Brave seems worth being excited about. It’s something new for them on a lot of fronts, and the best of all of them is that it’s a new intellectual property rather than a sequel, which I really feel Pixar needs. Check out the images embiggened where they originated over at Bleeding Cool.

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