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A couple weeks ago, during the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival, the marketing people at Marvel released a limited-edition retro poster for Captain America: The First Avenger, and I absolutely loved it. Taking advantage of the missed opportunity by X-Men: First Class earlier this summer, it was a ridiculously cool design and it's a true shame it won't be getting spread around much. Now Marvel has released a new one-sheet and, sadly, it's lacking that awesome retro vibe.

The new artwork is cool and uber-patriotic (as it should be) but it's just not as cool as it could be. What is interesting is that it's bordering that very fine line between way too much Photoshop and a hand-drawn appearance, but it's falling more on the wrong side. It's not a terrible poster, but it also can't be their best idea.

Check out the one-sheet below or click it to see all the incredible detail in the ultra-high-res version.