Warner Bros. is about to release the Kraken! The newest poster for Clash of the Titans features our favorite freaky beast with Perseus (Sam Worthington) aboard Pegasus heading straight towards him. This is one of five fresh images donning the film’s new April 2nd release date and the RealD 3D logo.

For those of you disappointed to hear the 3D craze had gotten the better of Louis Leterrier, this particular poster will offer new hope. Just like its predecessors, it’s beautifully rendered. But, where it excels is in its design, which is clearly geared towards showing off the film’s 3D potential.

The other four keep the focus on the characters. The good guy/bad banners provide a decent look at all of the major players and the scorpion one a taste of the action, but it’s the Stygian Witches image that’s the most powerful. Those things are creepy looking!

Click on each poster to get it in ultra high-res.

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