Insidous is the next under-the-radar effort from the original Saw director James Wan with the help of writer Leigh Whannel at the pen, who you’ll recognize as Adam from Saw. The movie very clearly hopes to scare the ever living crap out of you while telling the story of a comatose boy whose family is trying to prevent demons from trapping him in an alternate realm called “The Further.”

The clip builds its tension just like most horror movies, with a darkness and a mystery accompanied by a soundtrack composed of barely noticeable tones in a room full of whispered muttering. Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson star in the film, but despite each of them being great actors in their own right, the question remains whether or not this film will do anything new or bold in a genre that can’t seem to get much right these days. It's an original script so it’s at least off to a good start.

The clip appeared over at Yahoo! Movies today, and the film itself will be premiering tonight at TIFF (for Katey’s full TIFF coverage CLICK HERE). The film is currently sans US distributor, but after what will probably be a positive showing at TIFF and the ability to slap “FROM THE CREATOR OF SAW” at the front of it, there’s no doubt this will sell quick and we’ll see it in theaters next year. Scope out the clip below.

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