This new Crazy, Stupid, Love trailer delivers differently than the first one, only in that there are new jokes and new tears, but for whatever reason everything about it is endearing.

Scope Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling in the new Crazy, Stupid, Love trailer below or in HD on Yahoo, and get ready to be inspired to do some crunches.

Though this is a romantic dramedy with a very obvious outcome, Crazy, Stupid, Love actually looks genuinely entertaining. Maybe it’s just the caliber of actors that populate the cast (lead by Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone), but there's something in the way it's written too. The trailer plays funny, the actors are charming, and even though it's full of rom-com tropes, this feels like maybe the film has found a way to break the standard mold, or at least bend it a little bit.

Actually this is the first trailer for the film that's really done much for me, personally. I'm even willing to put any insecurity about my gut aside and ignore the fact that Ryan Gosling looks like he's carved out of marble, to enjoy genuinely talented actors doing what they do best.

Crazy, Stupid, Love hit theaters next Friday, teeing off against tentpole Cowboys and Aliens.

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