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Sox owner John Henry and his wife Linda have decided to back Lucky Them, an indie about a music writer searching for her ex-boyfriend. She's on assignment but willing to track him down for the story, whatever lingering hard feelings might still be there. The picture was being produced by the late great Paul Newman, but after his death, longtime beloved wife Joanne Woodward stepped in. She’s already tapped Alec Baldwin, Marisa Tomei, Thomas Haden Church and Allison Janney to star, and production should begin before the year’s end. No word on who might play what, but once principal photography begins, these details should emerge.

Almost one hundred years ago, former Boston Red Sox owner Harry Frazee sold baseball legend Babe Ruth to the hated Yankees to finance a Broadway play called My Lady Friends or No No Nanette, depending on which of the many urban legends you believe. Ruth, of course, turned out to be the greatest baseball player ever, and the Yanks won twenty-six titles before the Red Sox won another. The sale itself is commonly referred to as The Curse Of The Bambino, and ordinarily, bringing up a Boston Red Sox owner financing the arts would be enough to start a brawl if you were in Beantown. Since there’s no player sales involved in this deal though, I’m assuming it will go over without too much fuss in Boston.

Variety says Huck Botko, the man behind The Virginity Hit, co-wrote the script and is helming Lucky Them. He was also involved with The Last Exorcism, but if Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are willing to attach their names, that’s certainly good enough for me.

Here's to hoping this film doesn't lead to another ninety years of Red Sox futility.

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