When you're building movies into franchises and don't want to just stick with the boring old Part Two and Part Three sequel titles, you've got to start getting original. Sometimes it works-- Die Hard With A Vengeance! Three Men and a Little Lady!-- and sometimes it's just nonsense-- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? Terminator: Salvation? Unfortunately, thanks to a new rumor at AICN, the next Die Hard and Fantastic Four movies will be more of the latter kind.

Harry Knowles is hearing that the next Die Hard movie, which was going forward as of early May, will be titled Die Hard 24/7, which pretty much makes no sense. He's also got what's apparently the title for the next Fantastic Four movie: Fantastic Four Reborn. That one's a little more logical, given that they're planning on replacing the original cast entirely, but still pretty awkward and obvious as titles go.

I can't say I'm particularly looking forward to either of these movies, and a good or bad title would be no more likely to make me go see it. But come on, everyone-- we can do better than this.

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