We've all heard the story that Quentin Tarantino originally wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to play Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds, before apparently coming to his senses and casting the actually German, terrific Christoph Waltz in the role. Now Tarantino may be able to work with DiCaprio after all, though. According to a tweet from Jeff Goldsmith, the host of the podcast series "Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith" with enough connections to know what he's talking about, Tarantino has talked DiCaprio into playing Calvin Candie, the villain in Tarantino's next film Django Unchained.

I'm not among the gazillion people who read the copy of the script that leaked online recently, but I've gathered that Candie is plantation owner and former owner of central character Django, an escaped slave who could very likely be played by Will Smith. In the film Django teams up with a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz is practically locked down for the role) to take revenge on Candie and retrieve his wife, who's still a slave. I'm not sure how big the role is in the film, if it's a Kill Bill type thing where the villain only emerges at the end or if we'll see him throughout, but either way it seems like a fantastic role for DiCaprio, whose period roles thus far have mostly involved him playing heroic types (Gangs of New York) or at least conflicted anti-heroes (The Aviator, Shutter Island, Revolutionary Road).

Of course, you should pump the brakes before finishing this article-- there's absolutely nothing to go on beyond this single tweet, and Django Unchained has fed a particularly fertile rumor mill lately (as Idris Elba could definitely tell you). DiCaprio is also set to star for Baz Luhrmann in The Great Gatsby this summer, which could easily conflict with this project; he could also be interested or maybe even committed to Django Unchained, but we all know that a lot can change between saying "yes" and actually arriving on the set. Chew on this rumor for now, but don't hold your breath waiting for a confirmation from Tarantino-- the Will Smith rumors have been going on for weeks now, and QT seems not at all interested in clearing things up. We'll get information on this when he damn well pleases, I guess.
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