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It can't be easy for any director brought in to shepherd the gigantic Twilight franchise, but it just got a little trickier for Eclipse director David Slade. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the studio has replaced his longtime editor Art Jones with Nancy Richardson, who edited the first Twilight film for Catherine Hardwicke.

Reportedly Slade's material, which the studio called "very good," needed a stronger edit, which apparently involved bringing back more of the moony-eyed madness of Hardwicke's original film. While an editor can have an enormous impact on how a film turns out, it's a hard thing to distinguish when you're watching the final film, especially since Slade and Jones's previous work together-- 30 Days of Night, Hard Candy-- will likely be very, very different from Eclipse. While replacing an editor in the middle of the post-production process might normally be a sign of trouble, consistency between the Twilight films may turn out to be a good thing. So long as Richardson knows to edit in lots of tight close-ups on Jacob's abs, she should be fine.

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