Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are on their way back into theaters, and do Rio de Janeiro this time, for Fast Five, the latest installment in the franchise about driving cars, stealing things, running away from the law/the bad guys, and giving audiences more insane car chases and crashes than you could possibly ask for. The movie hits theaters on April 29, just over two years after the fourth film made $155 million, so you can expect it to arrive with a major bang, plus probably some squealing tires too.

Universal has released a new trailer for the film at Yahoo!; you can see it there in HD, or embedded below.

It's the same basic formula as the trailers we've seen already-- get to Rio, introduce the mission, meet Dwayne Johnson as the officer of the law after both Diesel and Walker as they fight the local Rio mobs. The main difference is that we're seeing different car crashes and chases, an impressive new stunt involving a car flying off a cliff in slow motion, and I believe a few more scantily clad women. What more could a Fast and Furious fan ask for?

There's also a new French poster for the film which debuted at IMP Award; check that out below as well.

For more on the movie, and all the other trailers and posters we've seen so far, visit our Blend Film Database.

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