From Paris With Love needs a new title. I’m sorry, it just does. Whenever something from this movie shows up in my inbox, my brain instantly thinks rom-com with Katherine Heigl, not John Travolta blowing the hell out of everyone with an oversized rocket launcher. That’s just not going to work on a marquee. It takes a feat of mental gymnastics to remind myself that this is the bald-headed, Travolta action movie and thinking about this stuff is pretty much all I do every day. The average action-junkie who should be this movie’s target audience definitely isn’t going to go through that much trouble to sort things out. They have bills to pay and Call of Duty to play.

But they’re stuck with the title so here’s the new poster for From Paris With Love which does it’s absolute best to make sure that “not a Katherine Heigl movie” is fixed firmly in everyone’s head. Here’s hoping it’s enough.

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