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Prior to this past weekend, people actually had to be reminded that a Green Lantern movie is coming out this summer. After the first trailer totally bombed due to poor special effects and CGI, the marketing went into total hibernation as artists went to work trying to make the Martin Campbell-directed superhero film not look like a joke. Then the film reemerged with nine minutes of footage shown at both CinemaCon and WonderCon, and now people can’t shut up about it.

To capitalize on the buzz, Warner Bros. has released a brand new TV spot that will hopefully hold over fans until the theatrical trailer comes early next month (it will be attached to Thor). Thanks to the long delay, the studio probably has to play a bit of catch-up at this point, but if they can keep releasing teasers as awesome as this one, then they really shouldn’t have a problem.

Check out the spot below.

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