As the release date creeps up for the long awaited Jim Carrey project I Love You, Phillip Morris, we're seeing a lot of promotional materials coming around for it. Thanks to Consolidated Pictures Group stepping up and taking a chance distributing a film that has “controversy” written all over it, American movie-goers will get a chance to check this film out.

It's great that we're seeing this movie come to light because I think two big name actors taking a shot at same-sex relationships is what the country needs to start accepting them in real life. Brokeback Mountain was a major step, now Phillip Morris will give us something a little less easy for the ignorant side of America to ridicule.

Anyway, this brand new poster promoting the film premiered over at Jim Carrey Online and it's a fun one, albeit a little awkward. Carrey and McGregor do a good job looking pretty gay even in their prison oranges and flashy belt buckles. Bravo to the creative team for forgoing bad Photoshop and floating heads.

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