When you have the writers behind Bad Santa scripting and directing a movie about gay con-artists, it's fair to assume that the material is probably best represented when uncensored, as seen in the red band trailer for I Love You Phillip Morris that came out last week. But the true test of a good comedy is if it can still make you laugh even in the green band moments, not relying on blue humor and vulgarity. Fortunately, judging by the new trailer posted by Yahoo!, it looks as though the film passes the test.

While many of the jokes are the same as the ones seen in last week, such as "the screecher" and the prayer scene at the beginning, it's still just as funny. I also like the added touch of "This Christmas guess who's coming...out" which, while censoring the joke, keeps the impact. It's taken an incredibly long time for the movie to get here, but it looks as though the film may actually be worth the wait. Be sure to look out for it come December 3.

Until then, check out the trailer below or in HD over at Yahoo!

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