Moon, small as it may have been, was one of the most engaging and interesting sci-fi films we’ve seen in quite some time. What director Duncan Jones did with as little as he had was astounding, despite Sony deciding not to push screeners to the Academy for their awards consideration.

Jones did well enough after Moon that a few companies were willing to give him a few bucks to see what he can do with a budget. The result, Source Code, a near-futuristic thriller in which soldier Colter Stevens is sent back through time over and over again, into the bodies of others, in order to find a train bomber. Jake Gyllenhaal takes the lead supported by Michelle Monaghan, Jeffrey Wright, and The Departed’s Vera Farmiga.

Total Film has a couple new shots from the film, one showing off a very concerned looking Gyllenhaal, the other a rather calm looking Duncan Jones coaching his actors before calling action. People interested in behind the scenes action will love how this image shows off so-called “movie magic”, separating the train booth where Gyllenhaal and Monaghan meet from the train altogether to make a teeny 5’x5’ set. Nothing groundbreaking, but still fun. Check them out below.

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