As if the Super 8 trailer running in front of Iron Man 2 this weekend weren't exciting enough, audiences will also be treated to a new trailer for Inception, which reveals, well, a little more about the plot, and a whole lot more of the stunning visuals, which is really what most of us are looking forward to most. It contains much of the material I reported on from ShoWest, as well as some additional explanation from LeonardoDiCaprio about how he goes about stealing things from peoples' dreams, and the notion that he's trying to get back something--probably Marion Cotillard-- and "one last job" inside someone's dream is how to get there. We all know what happens when someone goes on "one last job," and there's no reason to expect Inception won't be any different.

Anyway, what you want to see is the trailer, which hasn't been officially released online but you can watch embedded below -- at least for now. We'll update it with links to high-res whenever the opportunity arises.

UPDATE! A better quality version of the trailer is now available. Here it is:

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