The summer movie season is a time for cinematic icons, and this summer is no different -- from old staples (Batman) and new talent (Iron Man) to tired faces (Indiana Jones) and resurrected pipe dreams (X-Files' Mulder and Scully). But the Incredible Hulk will get the award for the most confounding silver screen appearance when it bursts onto screens on June 13. Though 2003's Hulk had its fans, it was generally seen as a failure. So why bring the wayward green monstrosity? Summer movie cash is my guess.

YouTube brings us the third trailer released for The Incredible Hulk and there isn't anything we haven't seen before. Usually movies (*cough*The Dark Knight) keep buzz building by introducing new elements in subsequent trailers, but The Incredible Hulk has done nothing but re-hash the last trailer. While the Hulk, himself, still looks like an exceptional video game cut scene, there is one shining ray of hope -- the few subtle chords of music in the last 10 seconds of trailer. If we get to watch Ed Norton make the Lonely Man walk at the end of the movie, it could all be worth it.

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