I was recently selected as one of the few lucky critics to get an early look at David Fincher's The Social Network. If it wasn't already clear enough in my five-star review, I think the film is a masterpiece. which beautifully and fearlessly tackles the subjects of acceptance and rejection. While you wait for your opportunity to see it - and yes, you should be anxiously waiting - a new, interactive trailer has popped online.

Ignoring the added bonuses for a moment, this newest bit of advertising is even better than the feature trailer that was release back in July. I almost wish it was released independently from the interactive features because they might distract the viewer. That said, there are some great articles and video interviews mixed in that give a background look at the production and the work that went into making it.

Check out the trailer below. For those worried that everything moves too fast, the bottom bar saves all of the interactive material for you to watch and read after the video is over.

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