We are now officially less than a month away from the premiere of Iron Man 2, and as May 7th grows nearer, more and more goodies are appearing both on the film's main website and through its viral campaign.

The movie’s official site has launched an interactive trailer for everyone to enjoy. While the video is simply the second trailer that premiered on Oscar night, 10 segments pop up that give cool little bits of information about both the old and new characters as well as some of the locations and events. Check out my full breakdown of the segments below:

1. Stark Expo is the first featured segment, but doesn't really provide any information that isn't on the Stark Expo website. You’re probably better off heading there for more info on that event.

2. The Iron Man segment gives full spec analysis of the previous Iron Man suits and the Mark IV armor, as well 360 degree view of repulsor rays and blueprints of both the Mark IV and the Mark V Briefcase armors.

3. Pepper Potts' bio says she is "never one to put romance before professionalism," which means she will either not be romantically linked to Stark in the film, or she is the star of every chick flick ever made.

4. The name of the race in which Tony is competing is the Race of Champions, taking place in Morocco. There is a short behind-the-scenes featurette that accompanies this segment, a new picture of Stark’s car, as well as mini-game (coming soon) that lets you play as Whiplash.

5. The breakdown of Whiplash is somewhat lacking, providing blueprints of Ivan’s own arc reactor and revealing that he is the son of a Soviet physicist named Anton Vanko. Still no looks at the final version of his suit.

6. Just like everyone in the film, the background of Tony Stark is well publicized, so there isn’t anything new that comes out in his personal segment (not even new pictures).

7. Of all the characters in film, Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer has been getting the least amount of exposure. The bio says that Hammer is filling the void left by Tony Stark and Stark Industries when he vowed to stop making weapons. One of the pictures of Justin Hammer has him speaking with former Stark conquest Christine Everhart, who appears to be interviewing him.

Also in this segment is the first detailed look at Hammer’s Tactical Assult Drones. They are given their own separate bio with full breakdowns of their armor and weaponry.

8. The wonderful War Machine is next, with a 360 view of the top of the armor (don’t know why the cut off so much), a new photo of Rhodey, and a bio.

9. Natasha Romanoff (a.k.a. Black Widow) is revealed as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, but it is unknown as to whether or not Tony knows this. She is working in the legal department as a Notary Public, where she goes by the name Natalie, which could possibly explain her lack of a Russian accent in the TV spots.

10. Nick Fury remains an elusive mystery. His segment sports two photos and a one paragraph bio that may or may not be mocking the fact that he only has one eye.

Check out the interactive trailer for yourself below.

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