Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind may not have been the hit it deserved to be, but it has inspired many, many other people to "swede" movies, a.k.a. recreating them using virtually no money and props and costumes. Back during Coimc Con some pals of mine recreated the Iron Man 2 footage shown in Hall H because it hadn't been released online. And now, even though the latest Iron Man 2 trailer is fully online, it hasn't stopped one enterprising comedy troupe from sweding it anyway.

Technically the kids at Landline TV are showing you what the trailer looks like without CGI, but really, that War Machine suit is exactly like the Robocop costume Jack Black had in Be Kind Rewind. Either way, it's funny and kind of adorable. Check it out below and feel inspired to become your own superhero in a paper bag costumes.

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