Sherlock Holmes is the Robert Downey Jr. movie that everyone is excited about this fall, but Empire Magazine is already looking toward the future. Proclaiming him "The King of 2010," they've got Iron Man himself on the cover of their January issue, and you can see the cover online here.

Though the image is brand new, it's not really anything that you haven't seen before-- the Iron Man suit, looking spiffy and new, with the circle of light glowing at the center of his chest. Basically, he looks like a guy ready to handle the title of King of 2010-- and you can bet that as soon as 2009 is over, we'll be hearing about Iron Man 2 all the way until its May release date. Check out the Empire cover below, and when the "all-new behind-the-scenes shots of Tony Stark and co." go online, we'll have those for you as well.

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