Jack Ryan, the hero of The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger and that forgettable Ben Affleck one, is supposed to be an unstoppable CIA agent and a straight-up hero. So how does working on Wall Street fit into that? Apparently a career as a financial analyst was a major part of the character's backstory in the Tom Clancy novels, and according to Pajiba, that's going to be coming back into play in the new, Chris Pine-starring franchise reboot.

They've gotten a tip that the new script picks up with a younger Jack Ryan just after his stint in the Marines, when he's working as a Wall Street stock broker transplanted to Moscow to work for a billionaire. In fact, the movie's working title is Moscow, and the action takes place there when Ryan is set up as the fall guy in a plot to destroy the U.S. economy.

Clearly the new film would have to move away from the 80s/90s Cold War plots of the first films, but it is kind of hilarious to have Ryan on Wall Street, which somehow feels like another kind of 80s throwback. Of course, the notion of economic terrorism is very, very modern, as are our fears of Russia not as a nuclear powerhouse, but as a rising economy. Sounds like they've come up with a way to update Jack Ryan for a new decade, while still allowing us to fear those dirty Muscovites.

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