Robert Rodriguez has been a busy dude for the past few months, not only producing the upcoming Predators sequel, but also polishing off the last bits for his Grindhouse spinoff, Machete. With Predators dropping tonight at midnight, expect Rodriguez to ramp up everything for the release of this much anticipated slash-fest.

This new trailer shows off everyone involved, but unceremoniously drops Lindsay Lohan from the trailer completely. Probably a smart move. Danny Trejo shows up doing exactly what he’s been doing since the beginning of his career -- whipping big ass knives around and looking grizzly as hell; Jessica Alba strips down to her underwear, which should get this clip a few views; and even the Law Man himself, Steven Seagal, appears flailing a few machetes of his own, trading in the 9mms he’s leaned on for the last decade for weaponry that actually requires him to move.

My one problem with this trailer is Rodriguez’ obsession with digital. Compare the two Grindhouse films back to back and you can easily tell which was shot to film, and which was shot to hard drive. I don’t think the direct-to-disk filming is the worst thing in the world, but when you’re making a film to pay homage to a style of filmmaking that is specifically supposed to look trashy, shooting digitally takes away a significant amount of the proper feel, and you miss it in this trailer for sure.

IGN has the HD or you can scope it out below.

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