It's quickly becoming obvious that Scream 4 is going to dominate our news section until it hits theaters next April, and unless the news gets more interesting than Neve Campbell's crappy hair or this news about multiple masks appearing in the film, this trend is going to get really tiresome., who jumped the gun on ordering their domain name, got their hands on a picture of three Ghostface masks, including the original and two alterations. Of course we're going to see the standard Ghostface we all know and love from the original trilogy, but there's a possibility, according to Fun World's R.J. Torbert, the manufacturer of the masks, that we'll see at least one of the new versions (Scarecrow or Zombie Ghostface) during the "interesting" opening scene.

Director Wes Craven hinted at the idea of multiple masks a while ago and it seems like that twist is coming to fruition in one form or another. The town is obsessed with the Ghostface Killer so it makes sense in the lore that there would be multiple masks created by the townsfolk for their next Stab movie premiere and subsequent parties.

Below is a picture that Craven took of his cat with the three masks that are available commercially through Fun World. Have fun.

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