Summit has just released their full gallery of Twilight Saga New Moon images. Among them you’ll find a lot of new photos, many of them featuring shirtless man candy. To see our full gallery of New Moon images just click right here.

But what’s caught my eye isn’t all the shirtless dudes, but the fact that there seems to be a theme here. Look closely and you’ll notice that a disproportionate number of the images released from the movie feature the same thing: Bella being held by a man. It doesn’t really matter which man. But just about every picture Bella’s in, she’s being held, stroked, comforted, cuddled, or otherwise engaged in some intimate fashion by a male whom she leans on and stares at longingly.

The images below do a pretty good job of summing up my biggest problem with this franchise: Bella isn’t a person. She’s a helpless sex puppet who exists solely in the service of whatever dude she’s latched on to. When she's not with a man, she spends her time pining over him or, alternatively, trying to commit suicide since her life ceases to have value when she's not with a man. She’s a throwback to the days when women were defined by men and existed only to get married and pop out kids.

Behold the death of feminism in our Bella Needs A Cuddle Gallery below:

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