Historically the movies that sell the most tickets in advance, the ones that get people lined up days in advance and crashing the servers of online ticket sellers, are the fanboy movies, the Dark Knights and Star Wars prequels of the world. But that was all before Bella fell for Edward, and hordes of teenage girls suddenly had the same buying power as the boys they'd been ignoring all these years.

And today, the balance of power has shifted entirely-- Deadline Hollywood is reporting that New Moon has sold the most advance tickets in Fandango's history, surpassing Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It's currently accounting for 86% of sales on the site, which is as much due to the massive appeal of the film as the fact that there's nothing else out right now.

Twilight already held the distinction of being the #5 advance seller in history, and given that that movie opened at nearly $70 million, it seems nearly impossible that New Moon won't have a $100 million opening. Of course, pretty much no one has seen the film yet, and there's no telling if any of this hype is for a good movie. But none of that matters when there are this many people excited about a chance to objectify some werewolves.

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