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Here it is-- the trailer for New Moon that aired during tonight's MTV Movie Awards. It's the full-quality MTV version, and it looks pretty great!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were all on hand to present the trailer, which shows Bella looking sad on her birthday, the Cullens looking a lot happier for her, and whoah! A birthday vampire fight! And that's just in the first few minutes. Later on we get to see Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black character transform into a werewolf, and it's abundantly clear that the effects budget has doubled--nay-, tripled-- since the first time around. Watch it all play out below.

UPDATE! The New Moon trailer is now also available in high-df over at MySpace. Additionally, we've added high-res screencaps from the trailer for you, just scroll on down the page.

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