We’ve just gotten our hands on six new images from the only movie being released this year we’re more excited about than Captain America. No it’s not Harry Potter, it’s The Muppets!.

There’s so much going on in these photos its hard to know where to start, so in true Muppet fashion, I’ll just blurt it all out in a random jumble: What does a Muppet need with a tooth brush when he has no teeth, Piggy is being a pig, Kermit wears a mean tux, Frog in prison, hey check out Fozzy’s legs, are the Muppets imitating Chris Cooper or is Chris Cooper imitating the Muppets, I hope that picture means Kermit will sing “Rainbow Connection” in this movie, if you read the text on the high-res version of that last image it uses the term “multitudinous mass of Muppets”.

Click on any of the images below to see it in high-res.

The Muppets arrive in theaters on November 23rd of this year. Be there to watch them stage “The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever”. It’s the first theatrical Muppet movie since Muppets from Space in 1999.

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