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Veteran TV director Rob Schiller has sneakily been putting together a feature length comedy starring Sean Astin and Cheri Oteri called And They’re Off. Schiller, who has directed episodes of Two and a Half Men, Shit My Dad Says, and whopping 165 episodes of King of Queens, surprisingly has kept his film under the radar until only two months before its October 28th release.

Along with Astin and Oteri, MadTV and Parks and Recreation alum Mo Collins costars with Kevin Nealon and a host of others. The film follows Astin, a down and out horse trainer looking to start winning again, but the only way to do so is to hire his, presumably psychotic, ex-girlfriend Oteri to play jockey. And They’re Off will be a Christopher Guest style mockumentary much like Spinal Tap or Best in Show, so done properly this could prove to be really funny, but the potential for failure is much higher on a film of this style.

ComingSoon has delivered the first poster for the film today and somehow this image, that could have been easily snapped with a camera any day on the set, is just an obviously Photoshopped pile of layers that don’t seem to fit together. Ultimately the idea is there, and the poster shows off that this is a comedy about horses, but, as usual, it could have been executed so much better. Scope it out below and click it to head over to ComingSoon for the high res version.

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