It's been a minute since we've last heard anything from the Sarah Jessica Parker-starring I Don't Know How She Does It. It was all the way back in May that the first trailer for the film premiered and we haven't seen a poster, image or even TV spot since. But with the film's release date now just a few short weeks away, it looks like the marketing department is ready to move back into gear and their doing so with the movie's first one-sheet.

Posted over at HitFix, I understand what this poster is trying to do, however, it's doing it quite ineffectively. The idea behind the movie is that Sarah Jessica Parker is trying to balance her life between motherhood and work, but what's with all of the negative space behind her and what appear to be motion lines? Why have her turned to the side when you can have her face forward and surround her with jobs and responsibilities in white type? Also, why is the word "HOW" bigger than the rest of the title and in a pink font? Very little about this design makes any sense, but perhaps they know something that I don't.

Check out the poster below or full size over on HitFix.

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