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He played Charles Darwin. He’s been a rebellious angel. Now for the third entry in his “get hit by lightning” trilogy Paul Bettany steps back on screen as a murderous Priest in a dystopian future where the Church has abandoned hyms in favor of killing monsters. The monsters are vampires, sort of, if vampires were big lumps of flesh without any visible eye-sockets. To help him kill them, Bettany’s priest and those like him have been touched by god. Basically that means he gave them some pretty sweet Kung Fu moves.

Priest has a brand new trailer. Watch it in HD on Yahoo or watch it below.

The more we see of Priest the more it seems like it’s going to end up going one of two ways. Either this is going to turn out as some sort of cool, cult action movie like Equilibrium or we’re looking at the 2011 version of Jonah Hex. There’s a lot to like in the trailer. Karl Urban seems awesome as the movie’s aptly named villain “Black Hat” and Paul Bettany pulls off badass better than you’d expect. But then those lumpy, badly CGI’d vampire monster things jump on screen and you can’t help but start to worry.

For more on Priest visit it's page in our Blend Film Database.

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