We have now entered day three of Edgar Wright's one-a-day Scott Pilgrim remix tour. Readers should remember the first two that were released on Wednesday and Thursday: the first told us to Prepare, the second stopped by to say Hey. It turns out this relationship may be moving kind of fast because now it's all about Love.

Moviefone has the hookup this time around with the newest video from DJ Osymyso. Some of you in the Los Angeles area may have already seen this video, as it was shown at the end of the conversation with Edgar Wright held at the Los Angeles Film Festival a few weeks ago. This time around, Scott is dealing with the heaviest emotion of all. On the one hand he has Ramona, the new girl he has become infatuated with, the other is Knives Chau, a girl completely obsessed with him. This is Scott Pilgrim's precious little life.

Check out the video below.

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