What would go nicely with the juicy Scream 4 casting details we brought you the other day? How about a brand new poster? Shockya’s got the artwork, which features Scream alums Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette in a pose reminiscent of the posters for the first three films.

This is a smart move all-around. Not only does it keep the spirit of the original films alive, but it provides a medium forthe folks over at Dimension Films to introduce us to the new players; out with the old in with the new, but keep the same background. The foggy Ghostface mask really has a great effect. Not only does it fix the floating head syndrome, but it also creates an appropriate foreboding feeling. So far, so good Mr. Craven. It’ll be a long road to April 15th, 2011, but a nice start certainly can’t hurt.

UPDATE! As discovered by one of our intrepid commenters below, the poster actually appears to be a fan art originally released here. If true, then it would appear Shockya was somehow confused about the origin of the poster, which they claimed was released by the studio.

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