Right now Secretariat is looking something like The Blind Side, a sports movie with a lead female role big enough to draw women audiences in anyway. The story of the Triple Crown champion horse is your typical sports saga, full of colorful characters and nailbiter races, but it also stars Diane Lane as the horse's owner Penny Chenery, going up against the male-dominated industry, defying the odds, yada yada yada.

Most of the imagery we've seen so far from Secretariat, including the first poster, emphasize Diane Lane pretty heavily, seemingly targeting the potential female audience. Now it's time for the men to be drawn in with the newest poster, which you can see below. No more pretty sunsets or goofy 70s period clothing-- just a horse, running like hell, looking like a champion. Hey, fellas, this is a sports movie! Don't be afraid that it stars a woman! Hey, did we mention John Malkovich is in this?

Having grown up in a horse-centric town with a stable literally on my block, I'm all for seeing Secretariat, even if it turns out to be as cheesy as The Blind Side or as dull as Seabiscuit. Let's root for a happy medium. Secretariat hits theaters October 8; check out the poster below and click on it for the larger version.

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