I know everyone was in a hurry this summer to debunk rumors that there was something more than platonic bromance between Watson and Holmes in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes, but just like the loving gazes between original Kirk and Spock suggest an inter-species adoration, there definitely seems to be something special between these two. Not that they're gay, per se, but that when given the choice between a night with Rachel McAdams' Adler and a fun adventure with his BFF Watson, Holmes might make the manlier choice.

Anyway, that bromance-- or whatever you want to call it-- seems to be the main focus of the new Sherlock Holmes trailer, up now at MTV (and embedded below). They shoot guns in tandem, get each other out of messy situations and occasionally hit each other in the face, all the while Adler whines "They've been flirting this way for hours!" I don't care who you are or how gay you like your movies-- the dynamic between Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. looks like the best thing in this movie, and the harder they hype it, the more excited I get about Sherlock Holmes. Not that the promise of RDJ fighting shirtless wasn't enough to begin with.

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