Whenever you see a person being abducted by aliens, that’s always just what it is: a person. Skyline from day one has said “Eff that” by having their aliens eat city fulls of humans for breakfast and then be back for more before brunch.

This new poster, found at Latino Review, is no different. Unrelenting in their attack on the Earth, these aliens are decidedly not fucking around. We haven’t really seen an alien invasion that disposed of humans in this wholesale a fashion since Independence Day so it’s nice to see an alien race with goals.

The film is being directed by the Strause brothers, of AVP: R “fame” so hopes are still set pretty low for this one. But conceptually, this is working, and everything we’ve seen from it so far has been on point including the all important effects, so don’t be surprised to see this one turn out pretty well. Scope out the poster below.

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