Another trailer for Soul Surfer has appeared online, and unlike the first trailer, this one actually acknowledges that this movie is about a surfer who gets her arm bitten off by a shark. The film chronicles the incredible true story of Bethany Hamilton who, after losing said arm, continues to kick ass at surfing and inspires millions.

The movie sounds like a pretty uplifting story already (I mean you’re a badass if you survive a shark attack even if you are all right after) but don’t be surprised if the downtrodden, “whaaaa I lost my arm I can’t surf anymore” stuff is way over-played. There wouldn’t be much of a movie without some conflict, but leave it to Carrie Underwood to sink the trailer from uplifting down to “Alright we get it, it’s sad at first.”

It’s clear what demographic they’re going after with these psuedo-MTV trailers chock full of songs you hear on the radio, but despite that, Anna Sophia Robb is turning into a pretty good actress as she near adulthood and you really can’t go wrong with Helen Hunt or Dennis Quaid.

Head on over to EW to scope out the trailer.

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