Here’s a new trailer for Source Code, the new movie from Moon director Duncan Jones which feels a lot like Quantum Leap but is probably more like Groundhog Day with a bomb. This look at the film is really more a teaser, which is strange, since we already have a full trailer and in the normal operation of trailer releasing, teasers usually come first.

Not this time it would seem. Check out the new trailer for Source Code below or in HD on Moviefone. I’ll see you afterward for more on what we just saw.

It’s just a teaser so that doesn’t leave much time for anything substantive. So we got a lot of quick shots and explosions instead. They have included one, pretty pivotal scene though in which Gyllenhaal’s time traveler looks around and realizes that for some reason, on one of his leaps into the train, something has changed. I’ve read the script, but you’ll have to see the movie to understand why that matters. We also just got a pretty good look at the film’s time travel effects, here’s a still shot of the time travel mojo in action, in case you missed it:

Source Code debuts at SXSW in just a few weeks and we’ll be there with coverage. Till then, for more info on the film, visit its page in our BFD.

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