Perhaps you’ve noticed a decided derth of Star Wars scoopage floating around out here in the new-o-net for the final Star Wars prequel… at least compared to the constant dribble we got for the previous two. Have people become so jaded and disillusioned regarding Star Wars that scoopers are no longer bothering to steal valuable merchandise from Lucasfilm, photograph it, and send it to disreputable movie internet sites? Or is it simply that Lucas has honed his evil machine of fan excitement repression to such a perfectly well oiled state that all potential scoopers are cowing in Mexican prisons playing bitch to a cellmate named "Chewie".

Whatever the case, the comparative silence is deafening. So when we get a grainy lightsaber pic, it now qualifies as big Star Wars prequel news. Today we have the pic to your right, a shot of Anaking and Dooku dueling in front of the Emperor, Luke vs Vader style. It’s a beautiful type of symmetry. A scene like this ought to be an Episode III given, but after two movies of boring political drivel, the confirmation of common sense cannot be taken for granted. Click here to see a higher resolution version of the full image.

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Thank Matt S. for the pic and then date Chewie in The CB Forum.
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