Right on the heels of today's incredible 127 Hours feature trailer, a new poster for the Danny Boyle-directed, James Franco-starring film has popped up online and it is beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I don't even plan to make a big deal out of its blue/orange color scheme.

When you break it down, the concept of the film is fairly simple (man trapped under rock must find a way to survive) and this poster has captured that in spades. All you really need to promote this film is a stunning sky, a silhouette of Franco, and a precariously placed boulder. Also, judging by the trailer, Boyle has worked hard to capture the beauty of the area he's filming in and this poster represents that. If marketing materials are meant to perfectly illustrate a product, than this is perfect.

Check out the poster below or click on it to head over to our Preview Page and see it full size.

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