So much of the marketing of Super 8 has revolved around the early train crash sequence that it's easy to feel like you've seen the whole thing already-- the kids making the movie on the train platform, the ominously clanging warning bell, and of course the lens flares. But if you really do want to see the whole scene Paramount has released it to us, and you can watch it below. It's not the entire crash sequence-- there are a lot of explosions and running away yet to be seen in the theater-- but it's the set up of one of the best action sequences you'll see in a movie this year, and probably worth your time.

By now you may have heard the early word on Super 8, or even read the two reviews we've posted-- Eric wrote that with it J.J. Abrams has "captured the essence of growing up," while in my video review i emphasized that it's a good movie while also warning everyone to lower their expectations. Either way it's a movie you should definitely see when it comes out next Friday. For everything else we have on Super 8, including a huge gallery of images that keeps getting bigger as Paramount releases more of them, visit our Blend Film Database.

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