This week Paramount has been releasing a series of clips from Super 8, which given how coy the trailers and advertising have been for the movie so far, are some of the most in-depth looks we've gotten so far at the new film from J.J. Abrams. The fourth one hit today at AOL, and it comes just after the three that have come previously (click through catch up with the first, second and third). This time we see the kids being warned away from the train crash site by the man we first met in the previous clip, and promising to each other that nobody will know what they've witnessed. Watch below to see how wrong they might be:

Like virtually everything extensive we've seen from the film this comes from early on in the movie, but that's just J.J. Abrams trying to keep the surprise intact. It's unlikely that Noah Emmerich's military character is actually the villain of the piece-- I'm still putting my money on whatever creature is trying to escape from that train-- but I like the introduction of him as another potential complicating factor. Super 8 hits theaters on June 10, which is just a few weeks away now, and it's remarkable how little we know at this point. Is it just me, or are you guys also enjoying the sense of surprise?

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