Being a male in my early 20s, I'm not exactly Rob Marshall's target audience. What can I say, lavish musicals aren't really my thing. Now that the new trailer for Nine has arrived, however, I might have to make an exception.

Apple has released the third trailer for the film and it's kind of hard to ignore. Even if you aren't part of the singing-and-dancing crowd, it cannot be denied that Daniel Day-Lewis is nothing short of a cinematic champion (has the guy made a bad film yet?) and has a stellar female cast that doesn't seem to be afraid of showing some skin to attract a male audience. The new trailer also focuses much more on the plot of the film, rather then the style, giving uneducated moviegoers the sense that there is more to the movie than Kate Hudson singing about people from the South Jersey shore. Check out the trailer embedded below or in HD over at Apple.

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