Tom Tykwer, most famously known for directing the cult classic Run, Lola, Run, has been in the news regularly for the past couple weeks as Cloud Atlas, the adaptation of David Mitchell’s novel he's making along with the Wachowski siblings, has been adding cast members left and right and has been having some budgetary issues. But Tykwer has another German-language film completed and making the Festival rounds called 3, a look into the life of one couple, male and female, who each separately have an affair with the same man.

A new trailer has appeared for the film that looks weird and interesting, just like you’d expect from Tykwer. Scope it out below.

The most striking feature of the film is just how well it’s shot. Sure this is just a trailer, but you can really see Tykwer’s visual style taking prominence here. Of course, it’s not as outwardly stylistic as Run, Lola, Run was with its frequent journeys into the cartoon world, but 3 still displays some stunning cinematography.

The film looks very interesting. It’s easy to pick a side to be on when one person in a relationship cheats, but the dynamic that’s created in 3 when they both cheat on each other could really make for some fun moral dilemmas. Maybe we’ll all end up on rooting for the guy they cheat with. At the end of the trailer, the couple encounter their lover together, and the look on each of their faces is priceless when they realize what’s going on.

The movie opens September 16 in New York and Los Angeles, with planned expansions to San Francisco, Atlanta and Denver, among other cities.

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