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Troll Hunter seems like a pretty straight-forward title for a straight-forward movie. It follows a group of documentary film makers (there’s a lot of that going around lately) who travel to Norway and meet up with a “real life” troll hunter. And guess what? They go hunting for trolls.

This trailer, now complete with English subtitles, pulls off the mock-doc style with as much grace as a shaky cam horror film can and gives us a peek at what this flick brings to the party; a cornucopia of various trolls ranging in size and scope from your standard under-bridge dweller to massive car stomping beasts.

Troll Hunter strode into Fantastic Fest last month with high hopes, and now it seems to at least be getting a limited release stateside October 29th. This isn’t the type of movie that will scare your pants off or boast overly impressive special effects, but it without a doubt will be a lot of fun to watch and make you question ever walking across a goat-laden bridge again.

Check out the trailer below courtesy of Twitch.

Also provided at Twitch is the film’s official synopsis, which you can read below:
The doc jumps off from the conceit] that the Norwegian government has been hiding the fact that they have a secret population of trolls - real, actual trolls - living on game preserves in the far north of the country, kept safe and secure and out of the public eye to prevent mass panic should people realize that these fairy tale creatures are real. Those high tension power lines you see stretching out over the horizon in unpopulated areas, seemingly going nowhere? Not power lines at all but an electric fence to keep the beasts contained!