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For all their efforts to promote Tron: Legacy as some brand-new, totally awesome sci-fi project that every kind of moviegoer should be into, Disney has also been careful to court the original Tron fans, the people so inexplicably committed to the 1982 sci-fi film that it seemed like a good idea to make a sequel at all. So while last week was all about flashy Daft Punk and new visuals, for today's Tron Tuesday we're going old school, with a new poster that's a direct homage to the artwork for the first film.

Yahoo! Movies premiered the poster, and you can also see it below, side-by-side with the original it's mimicking. It's a nice touch, both for courting the Tron devoted and for echoing an image everyone is familiar with, even if only subliminally. Check them out side by side, and Happy Tron Tuesday!

It's worth noting that in the original poster, though, it's the computer program Tron who's releasing his disc to contact his User. In this new poster, it's the human Sam Flynn. How will that work, since Sam is himself a User and doesn't have a User to connect with? We'll find out December 17th.

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