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The brand new Tron: Legacy trailer which debuted at San Diego’c Comic Con just moments ago is officially online and ready to de-rezz your mind. Unlike the other teasers it’s more than just a collection of insanely cool images, this time they’re letting us know what’s going on… and it all revolves around Clu. Who is Clu? He’s a program created by Kevin Flynn in the original Tron movie and subsequently absorbed by the evil MCP. He’s back in Tron: Legacy and from the trailer it seems pretty clear that he’s the bad guy behind literally everything.

Check out the brand new trailer for TRON: Legacy below or in HD on Yahoo:

Here's a few extremely key screencaps from the new trailer:

Jeff Bridges de-aged to play Clu... and he doesn't seem friendly.

New de-rezzing process!

Gravity suspended in the computer world?

Clu materializes a plane out of thin air.

Tron: Legacy arrives in theaters this December 17th. For more information and amazing stills from the film, visit our Tron: Legacy preview.

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