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More than a few of you have bought an Alice in Wonderland ticket this weekend just to see the new Tron: Legacy trailer we told you about last Saturday. A few of you walked away disappointed. Reports are that the trailer did not play with all IMAX 3D versions of the film (and it’s not playing with 2D versions either), and if that’s how you’re saw it, you’re stuck waiting until the trailer debuts on the internet. One problem: It won’t be online, officially anyway, any time soon.

It won't officially hit the internet until later in the week, rumor suggests that the earliest it might arrive is on Tuesday the 9th, but it’s by no mean certain and it seems that Disney is in no rush. Instead they appear to be more intent on using the trailer to push the 3D format, rather than advertise their movie to as many potential fans as possible. Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski tells MTV, “It was important to me that when people see it for the first time, they have the opportunity to see it in 3-D on a big screen. The entire second half of the trailer is in 3-D. On your iPhone, it's not quite the same.”

While in the theater is obviously the ideal place to see any trailer, especially a 3D trailer, just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean people will be watching it on their iPhones. I plan on blasting it through my surround sound speakers in high-def, in the privacy of my own home. That may not happen for a few days yet. If they're really so serious about people seeing it in the best possible format, then wouldn't it make sense to have it playing with every IMAX version (note: it appears it is playing in front of some IMAX versions though we've had reports that it's not in front of all of them)? Or is this really just an attempt to inflate Alice in Wonderland's 3D box office totals? It's not like it needed the help.

Normally delaying a trailer in this way would result in an epic number of bootlegs hitting the internet, but Disney’s lawyers have been on the job all weekend. Video posted to YouTube vanishes as quickly as it appears, buried in cease & desist orders. Bootlegs do exist, but they're hard to find, extremely low quality, and not as widely accessible as some have been in the past. Enjoy the waiting. We’ll let you know as soon as the first official Tron: Legacy is available.

UPDATE: If you just can't wait, here's a quick look one of those leaked versions which keeps drifting across YouTube. It's almost impossible to make out, you're probably better off waiting for the high-def version, whenever it finally appears.

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