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I sincerely apologize to all of our readers who have endured all of our Twilight bashing. We appreciate you sticking around and respecting our opinion. That said, are you guys actually excited for promo images like the ones below?

I mean, you've seen these images before in one form or another, and even if these are "brand new" images, it's just more of the same old broody, sad looking characters trying to out-emo each other. It's understandable to get excited about something you love, hell, when new Harry Potter footage gets released I might as well throw a party for it with how excited I get, but there needs to be something new to get me excited, and these Twilight images are wholly boring, like most of the promo images from this and the previous two films. Admittedly, the new trailer looks pretty solid though, so don't just take me for a hater.

Flix 66, which tracked down the images, hypothesizes that since the NECA logo appears at the bottom that these are just the base images they'll use to create the next run of Twilight action figures, in which case, ignore my rantings before about these images being boring. But if the next set of posters come out sporting these frowny visages and I see one comment that says "OMG I HART ROBERT PATTINSON! THESE PIX IS TEH BEST <3" I swear to god I'll burn the internet to the ground.

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