Source Code's April Fool's Day release is fast approaching and Empire has a new poster for the film. From Moon director Duncan Jones, Source Code tells the story of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Colter Stevens, who is part of a military operation that sends him back in time over and over again in order to uncover who was behind a deadly train bombing.

The poster is boring. When you look back at the posters that were released for Moon a couple years back, not only the official poster but also the ones that weren’t used, you can see a severe drop in artistic value when you come back to this Source Code image. It’s not a bad image per se, it’s just boring and uncreative.

Thankfully, Empire has genius artist Olly Moss on staff to save the day. You can see his amazing version of the poster below. Why this man isn’t making millions designing actual movie poster, the world may never know.

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